Growing Up with Children’s Bedroom Furniture

Kids want to be able to express who they are and what better place to start than their own bedrooms? While adults usually get to choose between a California King or Eastern King sized bed, kids have a lot more fun options to pick from. Trundle beds, bunk beds complete with built-in workstations, even adding a head and footboard are among the many choices they’ll get to grow up with. In this two-part article, we’ll be able to go over what beds will suit your child up to his teenage years.

After your child finally outgrows his or her crib and toddler bed, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Moving your child to a twin-sized bed is the next step, and there are a variety of styles that will suit your child. A great option to consider is purchasing a bed that comes with underbed storage for all your child’s toys, clothes and extra linens. This style is perfect if your child’s bedroom happens to be small in size, and as every parent knows, your child’s toy collection will end up all over the place if there’s no proper storage area. And, this gives your child an excuse to throw things under the bed!

Trundle beds are also another option if your child’s friend or relative regularly stays the night. Oftentimes, you’ll find that once your child doesn’t necessarily need his pull-out trundle anymore, it can be easily replaced with underbed drawers. Trundle beds can accommodate two children; however, it may not be comfortable for long. My next suggestion is to go for bunk beds designed with mortis and tenon joinery. The good thing about bunk beds is that they’re usually two twin beds stacked upon one another. Once your kids are ready to have their own rooms, or are even just over the idea of climbing into bed, you can usually disassemble the bunk to make two separate beds. Of course, this all depends on the design of the bunk and whether it’s made of wood or metal.

In our continuing series, we’ll next touch on futon bunk beds, workstation beds, and adding subtle mature features to your child’s bed that even your teenager will appreciate.

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