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Exercises Seniors can do in Order to Gain Memory

When people grow old, they tend to have several health complications that changes the way they live and the most affected part is the brain where these retired seniors lose their memory. It might be you with this problem of memory or your family or your friend and in order to get to your normal life you should practice several ways which can help you have your memory back. When you have a problem with remembering things, you will keep on repeating the same things and you will find out that you are wasting most of your resources. There are five exercises which retired seniors can practice to avoid forgetting things.

Using music. Music will help these retired seniors to remember things since it’s a way of helping them to remember some sequences of a song. They can either paly a song they used to play when they were young and also play instruments or they can join a group of people like the coir and practice songs together. Since music will help the retired seniors to keep the mind busy and thinking, they will get their memory ability back.

To ensure that you get your memory back you need to do the cooking. When someone is cooking, there is a recipe that he or she is supposed to follow either written or in the head and this will help the retired seniors to get back his or her memory. The sense of smell and taste is something else that the retired seniors will be able to have which also helps in memory. To be able to recover your memory, you need to be to cook since this is also a memory exercise.

You can challenge your memory. Technology possesses a great risk to the memory of the aged since when they do all the things through the internet they will not be able to jog their mind. It is important for the aged to do most of the things by themselves because this will help them to jog their minds and have them have the ability to remember.

You should participle in new games. You should make sure that you in sports so that they will be able to have their memory through these exercises. When you advise on sports, ensure that you advise the aged to take up the soft sports so that they will not be hurt because they do not have energy to do hard exercises.

You should study a new language. Make sure that you as the retired senior you challenge your mind by learning another language. When someone learns something new, you have to practice several times for you to get it without reading which will help the memory.

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