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Discover Plant Eke-Names That Originate From Animals

Even though the plant species and animal kingdoms have their differences, the two groups share certain factors. Never is that more visible when looking at plant eke-names which originates from animal names. As you are selecting new plants for your garden, how they look may be as relevant to you in as much as you care about the story behind them. While scientific names are perfect tools to help you recognize the different plant species, eke-names are what you use to remember them by. Do you want to find out about plant by-names which emanate from animals? Read on.

Alocasia can also be called elephant’s ear. A by-name referring to Alocasia and Colocasia plants. The elephant’s ear is medium-sized popularly known for its distinct flowers this guide and leaves that have a bizarre appearance. The eke-name of the plant was derived from its broad arterial leaves.

Buddleia referred to as butterfly bush. Buddleia is a medium-sized shrub that releases beautiful and bright Blossoms. This plant can be easily recognized. Butterflies and birds usually love the buddleia. Its name came about because of the magnetic way in which its honey-scented flowers attract butterflies.

Dracocephalum can also be called dragonhead. Dracocephalum has lemon-flavored leaves which people love since they have natural essential oils and when you are there purple-blue flowers to any spring garden, it enhances its appearance. Dragonhead is translated directly from the plant’s Latin scientific name. Bees get attracted to this guide this good-looking flowers making dragonhead suitable for nectar gardens.

Lychnis which can also be called a catchfly. It is easy to tell how this plant’s nickname came about. The color of the plant’s flower is vibrant pink, red and orange and has a gluey calyx in the middle.

Artemisia aka wormwood. The people and fans of absinthe may remember it from its relationship with the bitterness of the green drink. But, for plant fanatics, they are in a better position to know the plant since it has tender and vibrant leaves. Compared to most of the other plants on the list, artemisia did not get it eke-name from the way the plant looks like. It was given the name weremod by the medieval people that can be roughly translated to man mood. Individuals assumed that the plant acquired this name since this guide it had mood-altering characteristics.

Tradescantia commonly referred to as spiderwort. Spiderwort or spider lily is a flower that has bright purple blooms. This plant stands out when added to flowering gardens and most people love it for its bead-like pods that appear in place of the flowers after blooming. The, rationale behind the name spiderwort is more fascinating number plant. Once you reduce the stems of the spiderwort, the plant starts to secrete thick white substances. Upon hardening, they release substances that resemble a spider web.

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