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Principles Based on Website Development Manifesto

The website development manifesto is an approach to deliver valuable software faster through giving power to the software developers team team, motivate, harness agility and through accepting change via this guide. The goal of the developers is to bring together development with the business needs. Below is this guide principles that are based on agile manifesto.

Customer satisfaction in line to this guidecomes through continuous and early software delivery. Customers are more satisfied when they get the working software early rather than having to wait for long periods before it is released.

The second principle from this guideis to accept changing requirements through the whole development process. It is not late for customers to make the changes in the requirement cycle and the scrum team enhance the competitive advantage of the customer.

The third principle on this guide is on delivering the working software frequently. This should preferably be done from a few weeks to a couple of months to shorten timescale. The sooner the software is delivered, the faster you will get the feedback and this will help you identify any miscommunication with the customer. This principle helps to ensure the timeline of deliverable is met and this eliminates wastage.

Developers and business people should work together through the project to develop valuable software. Since both have the same goal, it is only right that business people and developers collaborate daily. This collaboration also helps to come up with better decisions.

Build the projects around individuals that are motivated. To motivate them, provide the right environment and support and believe that they will deliver the best in their job. Motivated individuals and teams tend to give their best than unhappy teams.

The sixth principle states that face-to-face communication is the most effective way of conveying information within and to a development team. Face-to-face communication is very beneficial for teams that are co-located. Otherwise, a lot of effort may be necessary to communicate often in development teams that are not co-located.

The manifesto emphasizes on working software is the primary measure of progress. When the software is used as a factor to measure progress, it is made the primary focus of the project. Otherwise, focusing too much on the plan will see you lose the focus of the project.

The processes help to support the development pace. The developers, sponsors and users ensure a consistent level of pace to deliver the working software.

To improve agility, continuous attention should be given to technical skills as well as good design. This enables the team to attain consistent pace, sustain change and improve the product.

Keep it simple and develop what is enough to get the job done at the moment. Agile emphasizes reducing functionality that doesn’t add any value.

Self organizing teams are very handy in coming up with the best designs, architectures, and requirements. Organized teams are better placed to deliver quality products and identify issues before they become real obstacles.

The last principle is to reflect on effectiveness for the team members. Team members can work more effectively when they reflect on self and process improvement as well as on advancing their skills and techniques.

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